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More time for client care

Integracare Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality at-home senior care which fosters client’s independence and joyful living wherever they call home. Integracare is a home health care provider that has been providing private home nursing and related home health care in Toronto for over 30 years.

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We’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars in administrative costs alone, not to mention that Airdocs makes our brand look better.

Lee Grunberg President & CEO Integracare Inc.

Our challenge

As an innovative healthcare company, Integracare is always on the lookout for technology that helps us be more efficient. Any time we can save in the back office is time we can spend on caring for our clients.

When we met Airdocs at a partner conference held by AlayaCare, the provider of our staff scheduling and care management software, we were curious to see how they could help us provide better outcomes for our clients.

Why Airdocs

From the first demo we saw how they could improve the billing experience for our clients. Immediately, we understood they would receive much more professional looking, cleaner, and crisper invoices and statements from us than they had before, and the time savings would be massive.

A great result

With Airdocs we’ve saved ourselves countless hours of administrative work each week. Since Airdocs is integrated with AlayaCare, at the press of a button, all of our invoices are generated and sent out exactly the way our clients want – via email or post – in a precise, reliable, and effective way. Plus, we can personalise each invoice by attaching specific content such as a customised cover page, information about credits, price adjustments, product updates and newsletters.

Not only have we professionalised our correspondence with clients, we’ve improved client care in ways we didn’t envisage. For example, if a client has more than one contact or family member looking after them, Airdocs can send everyone an invoice customised with information that they need to know.

Exceptional service

Their cloud-based platform is so user-friendly and the level of customer service we receive is beyond expectation. Airdocs doesn’t see us as a client. They see us as a partner, and they understand the significant role they play in helping us provide the highest quality care for our clients.

I couldn’t imagine running a billing cycle without them.

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“The new DocuSign and Airdocs system means we can create and complete agreements in-person now, rather than printing all the documents out and taking them home.”

Kristina Testore Business Improvement Lead
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“With Airdocs, we’ve a very supportive provider. They have capable people with extensive experience, as well as great ideas and cool tech. Our implementation was best-in-class.”

Zvonko Balic Chief Technology Ofiicer
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“How we produce our annual member statements has changed completely for the better. Airdocs has opened our eyes to the different things we could do with our data and solved some of our data issues.”

Morgana Prior General Manager: Brand, Marketing & Communication
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“Airdocs’ Clever Correspondence platform does not feel like a bunch of cobbled together products like other, more traditional vendors in the CCM space. It had been designed with organisations like ours in mind: to make it simple for us to create and deliver mass communications, customised to each person, and sent according to preference (e.g., digitally or in print).”

Jerome Barrientos Chief Technology Officer
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A leading health insurer in Australia is sending close to a million policyholders notifications of their new premiums each year. Moving to Airdocs, hosted on Microsoft Azure, empowered the health insurer to create a highly personalised customer experience in a streamlined and cost-effective way.

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“They were integral to the creation of our new statement, to us being able to show clients that their money matters and can make a difference in the world.”

Sandip Pinnawalage Head of Product
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“When you engage with Airdocs it’s a conversation about you. What you’re trying to do and how they can best serve you. It’s about ‘How can we help?’ and ‘Let’s find a way.’ It’s energetic and always solution focused.”

Meni Kritikos Managing Director
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With Airdocs, it’s not just a one-way street where we provide requirements and they do the work for us. They give us helpful recommendations, insights and clarity to think about what’s next for our business and how we can continue to improve our offering.

Kit Tong Marketing Technology Manager
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