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Automated delivery intelligence
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What happens when your client’s preferred delivery method fails?

With Clever Delivery you can design rule-based alternate delivery channels when the client’s preferred delivery channel fails, for example an incorrect email address or full mailbox.

Clever delivery is a simple way to address compliance requirements related to guaranteed communication delivery.

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Clever Delivery Lifecycle

Clever Delivery Lifecycle

Automation when it matters

If email delivery fails to Alex,


send a Clever SMS asking for an updated email address via return SMS

If email delivery fails to Alex,


send a follow up SMS & a posted copy

If DocuSign is delivered & signed by Alex,


notify the administrato via email

If DocuSign is delivered & rejected by Alex,


notify the administrator via email

If DocuSign document is signed by Alex,


send Alex a welcome pack

Experience the benefit to your business

  • Guaranteed delivery of your customer correspondence
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Improved cash flow – no more missed invoices / statements
  • Reduced admin & call centre costs
  • Happy clients with better client communications
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Experience how easy it is to automate and manage the delivery of operational, marketing and contractual documents to your entire client base.

  • Tick all boxes: compliance, tracking, archives
  • Safely customise documents on the fly
  • Digitally sign all correspondence
  • Make customers feel special
  • Accessibility for the visually impaired
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