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DSI aims to be the solutions provider of choice in the CCM industry for enterprise wide personalised customer communications.
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Who We Are

DSI has a team of dedicated, passionate and experienced individuals who deliver unsurpassed technical expertise

Backed by best of breed solutions. We have a wealth of expertise and experience in developing and implementing real world solutions for the financial, insurance, telecommunication and government sectors. DSI’s background and scope enable us to understand and respond to the wider business drivers and challenges involved in creating world class customer communications.

DSI has offices based in Australia and provides technical support to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.


Our world-class on-premises solutions.

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Document Composition

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Composition Utilities

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Print Stream Re-engineering

Document Composition

High Volume Personalised Communication

To your customers, you are your document. Each statement, bill, notice, and letter you present reinforces your corporate image and is a vital link between your company, your customers, and your future success. What are your documents saying?

CSF Designer is the one tool you’ll need for creating and delivering all your customer communications – bills, statements, notices, letters, policies, direct mail campaigns, booklets, and brochures – any customer communication you need.

CSF Designer’s advanced technology lets non-technical users develop dynamic, personalized customer communications across all your LAN/WAN environments. It’s powerful performance, security, and advanced architecture will meet your continually changing technology needs while enhancing your marketing capabilities and customer relationships – all while reducing development costs.

Flexibility, reliability, security — only CSF Designer from FIS offers you this level of quality and control in one document composition tool — CSF Designer.

More than a decade ago, CSF software revolutionized the industry with its simplicity, technical innovations, and unparalleled speed. Today, over 400 companies worldwide use CSF to create more than one billion dynamic, personalized print and electronic customer documents each month.

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Composition Utilities

Enhancing CSF

DSI invests in our core technologies, and is always looking for ways to improve processes, mitigate risks and simplify the management of the technologies we market.

DSI has developed two utilities for CSF Designer – DesignerMan and RightRec. These utilities are being used in production environments at existing CSF Designer customers and are recognised as essential for development and production environments.

  • DesignerMan is a utility developed by DSI that allows the user to comprehensively manage the CSF Designer environment.

Users can select a CSF Designer database to open with CSF Designer, or even create a new one. Generated CSF Designer objects can be deployed to application environments, and batch runs can be executed in these environments.

Users can package applications and are provided a graphical impact analysis of what will change when deploying to an existing application.

  • RightRec is a utility developed by DSI that allows an enterprise to comprehensively manage a data design within CSF Designer.

Using RightRec, existing CSF MVS interface programs can be converted to CSF Designer in hours, rather than weeks.

RightRec ensures the fidelity of data generated by the interface program, and allows the user to completely manage the data definition inside the CSF Designer GUI.

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Print Stream Re-engineering

Getting more from your documents

DocBridge Mill is a Compart product used to convert documents and spooled print output, even modify and optimize it, then output it to practically any output. DocBridge Mill can electively perform multiple processes including separating, changing the content, classifying, indexing, converting, and distributing, making it easy to present, print, and archive.


  • Automatic separation, splitting, merging, or filtering of input batches and documents (e.g. for COLD application)
  • Automatic classification and indexing
  • Additional options for processing page layout such as the automatic rotating of misaligned pages
  • Support of many input formats and conversion into a wide range of the supported output formats
  • Support of several batch types, including many input formats supported by the most commonly used document management systems
  • Extensive support of AFP resources
  • Many control options via a flexibly configurable control profile

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DSI can supply services such as document design, document composition, system configuration and administration on a time and materials or a fixed price basis.

As our team is constantly engaged in these activities, in many cases, we can provide these services at very affordable rates with remarkable turnaround times. For more detailed information on DSI’s Professional Services

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FIS FIS Global is the premier provider of document composition and customer communication tools in the market today. Today, over 400 companies worldwide use CSF to create more than one billion dynamic, personalized print and electronic customer documents each month. FIS use their own document composition solutions to produce 2 million documents daily within their service bureau division.
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Levi Ray & Shoup, Inc. Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc., has been the global leader in innovative output management tools since 1981, when they developed the first software enabling the MVS mainframe to distribute output to printers outside the data center. Today they provide industry-leading software for capturing documents from multiple platforms, managing them, and delivering them to diverse network destinations.
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Compart Compart Founded in 1992, the Compart Systemhaus GmbH is a well-established manufacturer and provider of software components and services for document management and output management systems. Based on an open architecture Compart offers components and products that display, convert and format data streams for all kinds of archiving and output management systems.
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