The pricing for the Airdocs Clever Correspondence Platform is a simple monthly Tiered Subscription model based on the number of customer communications processed.

Pricing Tiers start at as little as 3,000 communications per month and scale to your requirements. This includes document generation and delivery for all channels however, some channels have channel specific costs such as SMS gateway, mail house print and post or electronic signatures. These costs are billed monthly in arrears where applicable or directly by the provider e.g. you may have a direct account with DocuSign to bill you for the electronic signatures.

Some advanced functionality such as Interactive Composition or Clever SMS (Conversational SMS) carries a small additional monthly subscription.

Our pricing is underpinned by a comprehensive usage and billing system, providing you with detailed access to your volumes and any additional channel costs on a real time basis, leaving you in full control of your budgets and spending with no surprises.

Key Details

A communication is a delivery of information to an endpoint and its processes including:

  • Transforming input data
  • Formatting any content required for the communication (eg an email body or an invoice attachment)
  • Storing generated content (documents) for retrieval
  • Delivering the content to an endpoint (e.g. an email, a mail house print, a local print, local storage or archive)
  • Storing the content in the tenants archive if required (e.g. storing in a document management system, CRM or other relevant core system as an attachment or saving the content to the users filesystem)
  • Tracking the delivery of the communication
  • Viewing or restoring the communication for the life of the communication.


  • Peter gets his statement emailed to him with a personalised email body and a product disclosure statement – 1 communication, 3 documents (statement, personalised email body and PDS)
  • Peter gets his statement printed and mailed, but he also gets an email alerting him that the statement is on its way – 2 communications, 2 documents (statement and email body) plus the mail house print and mail charge
  • Peter gets his statement emailed to him and his wife Angela gets a copy emailed to her. Her email is personalised to her – 2 communications, 4 documents (2 personalised statements, 2 personalised emails)
  • Peter gets his statement emailed to him and his wife Angela gets cc’d on the email. Angela’s email is not personalised. 1 communication, 2 documents (statement and personalised email)
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