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Clever Correspondence With Airdocs, it’s so simple to send your clients personalised correspondence via their preferred channel, digitally or by post. Documents, agreements, contracts, letters, you name it. Airdocs has automated the process to place your clients at the centre of your business.
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Clever Agreements Good news! There’s a simpler, risk-free way of creating agreements. Drop the conventional way of composing legal documents and choose to be clever about it, all whilst making your clients feel special.
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Clever Letters It’s quick to create & deliver your priority communications. Experience what it means to simply create a letter and distribute it via your channel of choice from your own workstation, with full brand consistency. With Clever Letters at your fingertips, you can send priority communication on the fly when you need it most.
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Clever Delivery With Clever Delivery you can design rule-based alternate delivery channels when the client’s preferred delivery channel fails, for example an incorrect email address or full mailbox. Clever delivery is a simple way to address compliance requirements related to guaranteed communication delivery.
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Clever Correspondence Relevant, personalised and targeted communication is the lifeblood for care providers, therefore, customer communication management (CCM) is the heart that pumps it. Airdocs simplifies delivery of outstanding multichannel client correspondence to your clients.
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  • Tick all boxes: compliance, tracking, archives
  • Safely customise documents on the fly
  • Digitally sign all correspondence
  • Make customers feel special
  • Accessibility for the visually impaired
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